‘I Had Fun Once. It Was Awful’: The Life And Times Of Tard The Grumpy Cat [GALLERY]

I’m starting to get slightly offended at how often cat-related articles are being recommended to me. Yes, it’s true; I do show unsolicited pictures of my cats to my non-interested coworkers constantly, but is it my fault that their hearts have grown cold and hardened? Listen, spending a few hours searching for cat Halloween outfits doesn’t make me some kind of lunatic. If anything it makes me a responsible and caring pet owner.

Speaking of responsible owners (great segue), the good — neigh — great folks over at Grumpy Cats are doing some fine work in the name of cranky felines everywhere. Sporting the tagline “I had fun once. It was awful,” grumpycats.com and Tumblr Tard The Grumpy Cat are collective archives of the life and times of “Tard” (short for Tardar Sauce). Consider Tard the polar opposite of Boo the filthy liar Facebook dog. While Boo is cute and cheery, Tard is well, you’ll see.


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