Internet Perverts Be Warned: Tumblr Blog Predditors Is Back In Business

If you were looking to end/start your day by checking out the personal information of some internet perverts, you’re in luck. Tumblr blog Predditors is back in business. Predditors gained a certain level of notoriety when Gawker sister site Jezebel highlighted the blog, which seeks out the information of Reddit users who post non-consensual photos of young women at the aptly-named subreddit Creepshots.

The blog has been the center of a full-fledged internet war pitting Gawker Media against the equally mammoth Reddit. As personal information of “Predditors” was leaked, media outlets scrambled to take sides with Gawker and Jezebel hoisting the flag for full-on public outing.

Perhaps sensing the tide of nightmarish internet-trolling headed in the direction of Predditors, Tumblr pulled down the blog believing that personal information was being unjustly posted. In fact, Predditors was only uploading personal information already listed on social media sites posted by the Creepshots contributors themselves.

The Predditors creator known only as “Samantha” did not roar back into action once the blog was put back up, however. Initially, the blog was listed as password protected, and now simply links to the Jezebel article that put Predditors in the spotlight. Tumblr blog seems to be back at it as individual posts were re-uploaded over the past week.

This is an incredibly heated internet debate which touches on many sacred web ideals that range from privacy to freedom of speech. However, if I hear the words “subreddit” or “Creepshots” come up during the presidential debates, I’m going to flip the fuck out.

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