Invisible Children Release ‘Discover,’ Follow-up to ‘Kony 2012’

The creators of the most viral video ever, “Kony 2012,” have launched their latest follow-up video titled “Move” and are asking their supporters to march in Washington, D.C., on November 17, where a summit on the Lord’s Resistance Army will take place.



Invisible Children is hoping that it can galvanize its supporters once again to pressure the United States government to bring Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony and his LRA to justice. They are calling for supporters to surround the White House in a largely symbolic protest.

Chief Operating Officer Chris Carver told YouTube about the premise of Invisble Children’s latest video: “Our new documentary, MOVE, goes behind-the-scenes to tell the story of the KONY 2012 whirlwind, how we made an African warlord famous, and how we’re going to challenge our generation to take a stand for international justice.”

“Kony 2012’s” was released in March and is the most viral video ever, achieving the 100 million mark in just six days.



Kitty Lee of Invisible Children told NMR at the time about “Kony 2012’s” premise: “The goal is to make Kony more than just a household name. When people know who he is and what he is doing, they will demand he is brought to justice.”

However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for Invisible Children since “Kony 2012.” The charity has been dogged with questions about how it spent its money on filmmaking as opposed to directly helping the Ugandan children it highlighted. One of the filmmakers, Jason Russell, also had a public meltdown on a busy San Diego intersection 10 days after “Kony 2012”’s release. He claimed in an interview with the “Today” show Monday that he was experiencing what he claimed to be an out-of-body experience.

NSFW video of Russel’s meltdown below:



Russell explained further: “My mind couldn’t stop thinking about the future. I literally thought I was responsible for the future of humanity. It started to go into a point where my mind finally turned against me and there was a moment where, click, I was not in control of my mind or my body.”


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As Russell tries to regain the graces of the public, will Invisible Children gain the same attention they had with “Kony 2012” with “Move”? Only time will tell.

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