Jon M. Chu’s Never-Before-Seen LXD ‘Super Ballet’ Episode Finally Released [VIDEO]

Love and jealousy are some of the most fascinating themes in some of the English language’s greatest plays, such as in “Othello.” How do these themes play when real life and theatre mix together?

In this beautifully choreographed episode of The League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) titled “Super Ballet,” a young dancer waits for his entrance to the stage, but is disappointed as he finds out the girl of his dreams is in love with someone else. This love triangle seamlessly transitions into the choreography of the ballet performance and ends with some deadly consequences. It was filmed a couple years ago and was supposed to be part of season two, but director Jon M. Chu said to NMR that he wanted to focus on the storyline involving the villains.

Explaining how the “lost episode” came about, Chu told nMR:

“We shot “Super Ballet” a couple years ago and ultimately our LXD narrative evolved and this episode felt extraneous to the propulsion of the story we needed to tell about our villains in Season 2. We wanted to give it to our YouTube audience now for their patience because it’s been a while since we released a new LXD episode. We were waiting for the perfect moment to release it to the world and now seemed like that time.”

Earlier this week, The LXD was featured on “Dancing With The Stars,” and that’s when Chu decided it was the right time to release this “lost episode.”

He concludes: “We’re really proud of this episode and think it says so much of who we are and how we want to mix genres and storytelling.”

Watch the “Super Ballet” episode of LXD right here:


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