‘Lady Gag-a’? Gaga Vomits Like A Pro, Then On With the Show [VIDEO]

Everybody has a secret fetish, I think, and mine just might be pop stars vomiting on stage. It isn’t that I wish illness on anyone in particular (mostly), it’s just that natural performers add a dimension of theatricality to their bouts of barfing. They almost make it seem like it’s a part of the show.

In this video, currently making the rounds on the Internet, Lady Gaga, she of meat dress fame (possibly some other things too) descends a catwalk to mingle with some stud muffin only to turn away and hoarf up some serious spackle. For those of you keeping track at home, she fires off three insanely concentrated streams, pausing between each to resume a semblance of her choreography. No telling what caused the up-chuckery, but, based on the viscosity, I’ll bet it was the same milk that got Justin Bieber last week.

The incident, which happened at a concert in Barcelona, proved Gaga’s a good sport, as she admitted via Twitter, “Was praying nobody saw but actually its (sic) quite a good laugh if u need one!” She then provided a link to the video. I guess it’s easy to stay that thin if you puke that much?      



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