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We have a fan question from Facebook asking about your last name. It says that you’ve denied your last name is Walker.

I have denied it. Walker isn’t my last name, but obviously I am not going to say what my last name is.

So it’s pretty much a secret at the moment.


Well, at least we got that figured out. Any surprise secret projects that you are working on?

Well, I guess I should have said this earlier when you asked about the future of my channel, but I kind of realized lately that the amount of people I have on my Twitter and Facebook — I have over 100 thousand followers and fans on Facebook and stuff — and so I kind of am working on this idea right now of doing videos that give back and give to charities. It will be an interactive thing where my fans can send me things they want to see in the video. It will all make sense later when it happens, but it’s just to better as much as I can, to give back as much as I can.

What is your favorite charity organization?

I don’t have a particular. There is a small little organization called Surf Camp, and they work with kids that have autism. They go down to Corpus [Christi] in Texas and teach them how to surf, and anything that supports helping Alzheimer’s and cancer, I think that hits home for me. All of those things kind of hit close to home.

What does your family think of everything that has happened so far?

They all think it’s really, really cool. I mean, I think it’s surreal for them as well, but for the most part they think that it is awesome. No like angry family members or anything.

Did they ever expect you to be in entertainment somewhat?

I think probably my family definitely did. Obviously, they didn’t know how it would happen. They didn’t expect YouTube to be what launched me, but I think they all kind of expected me to do something of comedy or entertainment just because I’ve always been a weirdo.

Last question: Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone who wants to try and make it on YouTube or the Internet?

I would say just do what you like to do, and I would stay away from reading comments and messages and just do what you want to do. People will watch it if they want to watch it, and they won’t if they don’t. And don’t spend so much time getting down about what other people will want to see or what other people will want you to do, which I am still working on right now, so just be yourself, and I think as long as you’re doing that you are going to have a following.

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Photography by Melly Lee

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