Facebook, Tumblr Go LGBT Purple For #spiritday

Social media sites are adding a splash of purple today to honor the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination’s 3rd annual “Spirit Day,” which takes a stand against bullying.

The event encourages participants to wear purple in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth, but the event isn’t limited to only that. Many sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Yahoo have showed their support by turning some of their pages purple. For instance, Facebook’s Safety, Diversity and Stop Bullying: Speak Up have their images and logos in a shade of purple. Even Hulu is participating in the event by featuring LGBT-related videos that value acceptance and fight bullying under the heading “Pretend This Text Is Purple.” NMR is also joining these companies in proudly supporting “Spirit Day” by having our logo purple.

Individuals on social media wanting to show their support for “Spirit Day” are encouraged to use an app sponsored by GLAAD that would add a purple filter to your profile photo. Click here for more details.

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick talked about the power social media has on “Spirit Day” in this press release: “When young people find a sea of purple profile photos and supportive voices on their favorite websites and apps, it sends a powerful message that it’s okay to be who you are. Tech giants like Facebook and Yahoo! are leading the way in taking steps to address bullying and bringing Spirit Day’s message to young people year-round.”

LGBT advocates have long used social media as a powerful tool of raising awareness in fighting bullying and supporting marriage equality. Some recent examples include YouTube videos like columnist Dan Savage’s “American Savage” web series and rapper Macklemore’s viral “Same Love” music video.

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