Mike Song Talks About ‘Umma Gangnam Style’, Dance and YouTube [INTERVIEW]

It’s a glorious rainy day today in Southern California (my apologies to everyone else that actually experiences weather change). We’ve been going through weeks of  100+ degree heatwave weather, and it’s about time for change. I think the abrupt weather change also mourns the death of the infectious “Gangnam Style.” Its catchy beat and horse-galloping jazz hands left an enormous imprint on entertainment through parodies, dance-inspired videos and remixes. This power and influence broke through the internet wall into mainstream media and even took along some of its Gangnam-inspired creators along for the ride. We got a chance to sit down fly around downtown Los Angeles with Mike Song, an extraordinary dancer and choreographer, whose viral hit “Umma Gangnam Style” garnered 7+ million view and caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres.


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