Watch This: Missouri Preacher Blasts Gay Rights In Viral Video with Twist Ending

When you have a preacher speaking at a City Council meeting, it’s usually either about what fundraising event they’re holding next or a lashing out at the public for their disobedience of God. Rev. Phil Snider spoke at a Council meeting in Springfield, Missouri, last month regarding an anti-discrimination ordinance under consideration.

He said to the Council: “I worry about the future of the City. Any accurate reading of the Bible should make it clear that gay rights goes against the plain truth of the word of God.”

It seemed like he was heading into typical fire and brimstone territory when throughout his speech to the City Council, he blasts them for even thinking about forcing their pro-gay beliefs on Christians. He added: “It’s not that we don’t care about homosexuals, but it’s that our rights will be taken away, and un-Christian views will be forced on us and our children, and we’ll be forced to go against our personal morals.”

Then in an abrupt and unusual twist, Snider tells the council that he “brought the wrong notes” to the meeting and proceeds to surprise everyone. Watch below to see why what he said in the end propelled this obscure YouTube video posted in August to more than 2 million views: