Must Watch: ‘Banned’ iPad Mini Promo Proves Size Does Matter

Here’s something about the iPad Mini that Apple doesn’t want you to see.

YouTube creator Jon Elerick skewers Apple’s latest product in his second “Banned” video that explores the tech behemoth’s newest product. In a previous video, Elerick made fun of the iPhone 5 when it was released a month ago. Like that first video, the “Banned iPad mini Promo” sarcastically emulates actual Apple ads in tone and style as a few Apple “executives” talk about the many wonders of the iPad Mini.

In one instance, “Apple Vice-President of Thickness” Greg Joswak gives the breakdown of the iPad Mini, which he describes as the “thinnest iPad we’ve ever designed.”

He says: “It’s 0.4mm thinner than the iPhone 5, which was just released a month ago, so as usual, each product is thinner than the last. It’s always going to be thinner. Except with the third-generation iPad, which is now the old new iPad. And not the Retina display iPad. Not to be confused with iPad Mini, which doesn’t have a Retina display. But is thinner.”

Check out the video below:


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