Must Watch Video: 7-Year-Old Girl Shares Tough Life Lessons with Her 2-Year-Old Brother

Dishing some tough love to her younger brother Gabriel, this Youtube video captures an older sister’s advice learned from the years on the playground. In her fashionable polka dots and sweet pink tights, this counselor delivers the simple truth that her two year old brother needs to toughen up a bit. Hoping to keep him from the hard life, this sister breaks it down, telling him to quit spitting, listen to their parents and stop trying to roll with the older crowd of 9 year olds.

While watching this pep talk more times than I care to admit, I can’t help but wish I too had an older British sister who had shared with me the ways of the world. From the British accents to the little brother’s glazed over expression, it is hard to decide what the cutest part of this video until the end. Jumping off the bench carrying the wisdom of the ages and reciting a line she will most likely use on many future boyfriends, this older sister closes with, “Think about it Gabriel. Think about it.”

Heart melted.