Must Watch Video: Cyclops Cat ‘Cleyed’ on YouTube is Sad, Disgusting

From the Internet Sad Files…

A heartbreaking video featuring a dead one-eyed kitten named Cleyed is making the rounds today, so make sure you double up on the tissues and the barf bags. The YouTube video, which is equal parts horrifying and sad, was shot in a veterinarian’s office shortly after the live birth and subsequent death of the one-eyed wonder.

Born in a litter of three, Cleyed, logically named because he was CyCLops-EYED, is a Bengal kitten too awesome to survive in a world as mundane as this. The video shows the presumed owner of Cleyed, flipping the little kitten’s body back and forth on a cloth towel as the G.C.W.E.D. (Greatest Cat Who Ever Died) nominee just lies there, taking it. The whole time I watched, I just sat there thinking, “Stop it, stop it! He’s already dead!” His fellow kittens, seen briefly, seem to have been born without incident.

Adding to the overall aesthetic is that the video plays that Sarah McLachlan song, “Angel,” which is featured in that Humane Society ad featuring wounded, abused animals, and is pretty much the saddest song in the world. Here, it seems especially poignant.

What I’m curious about though, is that, initially, I had to watch a Cadillac ad before I could see the tragedy that was a one-eyed, dead kitten. Does Cadillac know what they are sponsoring here? Is that the enduring image they want associated with their product? ‘Cause that is the image that is gonna stick with me.

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