Must Watch Video: ‘Doggie Warning System’ Might Just Save Your Life

I am only human (I know I didn’t believe it at first myself), so any time a funny animal video shows up online, I pretty much have to watch. And I am more of a dog person than a cat person (direct your hatred here, Internet), so when a video called “Doggie Warning System” shows up in my inbox, my own “Cute/Funny Animal Warning System” alert goes off, and I know to stop what I am doing, drop some popcorn into the microwave and roll up in a blanket.

As far as cute animals go, this … I don’t know … Lab mix (?) is more on the annoying side, as he’s got a howl that would summon Cthulhu and persuade it to get into a storm cellar. I can’t imagine that he saves that dog-yodel just for emergencies either — I bet everyone in a three-block-radius hears it every time the ice cream truck passes by. But damn it, if he saves me from just one zombie attack, that sonofabitch can eat all the peanut butter he wants from any crotch in the house. Man’s best friend indeed.


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