Must Watch Video: ‘Gangnam Style’ Without Music Makes PSY Look Insane

If a music video didn’t have a soundtrack, what would you be hearing? In this funny redub of PSY’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style,” YouTube user Moto2h stripped away the actual music and replaced it with an a capella version of sorts featuring sound effects mimicking real life sounds like movement in the parking lot, a boat and lots and lots of footsteps.

After watching the “Gangnam Style” video without the synthesizers and electronic music, it evolves from the funny, catchy video that has been watched more than 340 million times to a weird art house short film involving a Korean man dancing around Seoul. Nevertheless, Moto2h’s creativity has garnered him more than 4 million views.

Is this stripped-down version of “Gangnam Style” hilarious or too weird? Tell us below.

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