Must-Watch Video: Google Leads The Charge On Gay Rights in Tech

Being a heterosexual middle class white male in the 21st century, it is sometimes easy to forget that others have challenges to overcome — my biggest issue in life is choosing which issue of “Swank” I should read on the toilet. That or grousing about how “my kind” no longer has it easy … I do that a lot too, but mostly it’s just the “Swank” thing. Then, a video comes along showcasing a company that has the temerity to stand their ground in an uncertain political time, and I get a little bit refocused as to just what is the bigger picture.

This clip is a sort of P.S.A. that Google just released affirming their stance in support of gay rights. A video like this one sneaks up on you because it is so casual and unpretentious, and you tend to forget how many business units (read: customers) this could cost Google — and yet you get the sense that they don’t care. As one lad in the video points out, “This is the civil rights battle of our generation.” The next generation will have to deal with robots thinking they’re people (silly robots, love is for humans), but for now, it is fascinating to be involved in the struggle that is equal rights for all mankind. Watch this video, and if you’re in one of the four states who has a gay rights vote on the ballot, I won’t tell you what to choose, but make sure you at least cast your vote. And, regardless of how you do vote, make sure you support Google because at least they had the guts to take a stand in this current public relations-centric, please-everyone business climate. I’ll bet Bing secretly hates the gays.

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