Must Watch Video: ‘Kai Want This Root’ Sounds Like Your Sister Having Sex

Move over, cat videos — there is a new pup in town!

There seems no better way to end my day then kicking back, popping open the beer I secretly keep in my desk and watching this YouTube video of a dog unsuccessfully trying to pull a tree root out of the ground. Upon first inspection, this seems like another pet video created by a slightly obsessive and over-loving dog owner. And while I can’t argue against that point, after watching it a good nine times I realized there are some life lessons to learn from this furry canine.

Enjoy the Present

While YouTubers commented that this video sounded like their sister having sex, YouTube user Mark Twain shared a more profound thought.  Twain wrote, “[Dogs] are more in the present moment than we are, most of the time. You can be fully immersed in the present moment too, if you know the truth.” And there we go.

Listen to Others Who Have Your Back

I can’t argue against this dog being pretty cute trying to rip the root out of the ground, but had he just listened to his owner yell from behind the camera, he could have held onto a little of his self respect. What can we take from this? When someone tells you that you make ridiculous noises, it’s probably because you sound like this.

So sit back, turn up the sound, and let the whole office enjoy the adventures of “Kai want this root.”