Must Watch Video: Parkour Attempt in Egypt Ends Up Giant FAIL

Like any good embittered user of the Internet, I delight in seeing people fail while participating in activities that I myself cannot do. Of course, also like the Internet, I take a “healthy altruistic stance” in propping people back up again once they are down. It’s the hate/love wave that anybody who does anything in this digital age must surf.



So now, having laughed at this guy’s hilarious fail, I am concerned for his health and well-being. Being a young person though, and having watched this video through the disconnected medium that is a viewscreen, my simplistic mind applies physics lessons I gleaned from Roadrunner cartoons, and I feel confident that he is okay. Ergo, the video is safe for me to laugh at, and I’m going to watch it a few more times. Maybe even while eating a snack?