Must Watch Video: Snoop Lion Rapping Inside a Microwave in “Pocket Like It’s Hot”

Ever since I watched comedian Jim Gaffigan do his famous bit skewering Hot Pockets, the cheap, gooey and filling microwaveable turnover loved by starving students and frugal shoppers alike, I have avoided them like the plague.

However, Hot Pockets is trying to become cool again with its YouTube channel. Though nearly all of the videos on the channel are Hot Pockets commercials, with just thousands of views recorded for each, they’ve hit the view count jackpot with their new music video, “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” featuring who else but Snoop Lion accompanied by DeStorm Power and Andy Milonakis. This bizarre, funny clip features the trio rapping inside a microwave while cute girls and a Hot Pocket dressed up as a pimp dance.

This video won’t change my overall feelings about Hot Pockets, but hey, it’s good to hear that Snoop Lion, DeStorm and Andy Milonakis are trying to lift this microwaveable delicacy from its bottom-feeder status. Keep the videos coming, Hot Pockets — you might be relevant again someday.


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