Must Womp Womp Video: Cats Sneezing to Dubstep

This past week has been an absolute nightmare in terms of cat-related content. First, cyclops cat breaks/vomits up the collective hearts of the world. Then a bunch of goddamn maniacs decide to replace the cast of “Seven Psychopaths” with cats creating probably the best argument for stricter internet regulations to date.

By now, I don’t think it’s too much of a secret that cats are the lords of the Internet. Dogs, parrots, gerbils, rats, bunnies and turtles are all bullshit when compared to a creature that the ancient Egyptians once worshipped as gods. Thankfully, the Internet has taken its foot off the pedal of horrifying cat videos and instead is offering up something much cuter to the great viral video judges in the sky.

“Dubstep Cats Sneezing” is a video where — you guessed it — cats sneeze to dubstep music. Since I think dubstep music sounds like a terminator trying to have sex with a blender, in my personal pantheon of cat videos, this one ranks pretty low. But, it does feature cats sneezing, which unless you’re Hitler or the Red Skull, you’ll probably love.



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