New Viki YouTube Channel Has Popular K-Drama Series for FREE

The days of Korean drama fans worldwide relying on torrents and illegal web streaming may soon be over.

Fans can watch their K-drama favorites legally and with subtitles in many different languages thanks to Viki’s K-Drama YouTube channel, which uploads new episodes daily. Even though the channel only has three dramas so far, some of the offerings on the YouTube channel include the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers” and new dramas like “Full House 2.” Other popular K-dramas as well as other international programming are available for free through Viki’s full website.

The Viki K-Drama channel complements Viki’s recently launched main YouTube channel, which features interviews and videos relating to Korean pop music bands like Super Junior and 2NE1. With the growing popularity of Korean culture thanks to these dramas and pop sensations like PSY and Girls’ Generation, expect Viki’s YouTube offerings on both of its channels to grow in the future.


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