NMR’s ‘Magic of Rahat’ Interview Isn’t Just Smoke & Mirrors

Having grown up the son of a professional magician, I have a healthy respect for the “dark arts.” Some kids grew up milking cows or mowing lawns; I grew up being levitated and getting sawn in half. So when I got the chance to speak to the Internet’s version of Houdini, I (insert generic magical verb here, the bastards will eat it up) at the chance.

“The Magic of Rahat,” or Rahat as he is simply known to his parents and people who have interviewed him, is one of those constant presences on the Internet, consistently providing entertaining new videos through his YouTube channel. Part of a new era of street magicians out to confound unsuspecting street dwellers, Rahat could use editing tricks to manufacture his illusions, and yet, he applies the old school prestidigitation that is “real magic” (which is, ironically, also fake). But good on him for keeping it legit.

Such is his humor, when I sat down to interview him, I expected a trick or two at my expense, but the only magic came from the genuine words of a star on the rise (good work, Jeff; the bastards love this sappy stuff). So watch the interview, subscribe to his channel, and prepare (I suddenly pull a bouquet of flowers out of nowhere) to be dazzled!


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