Obama’s Dead Grandmother Mocked by KitchenAid’s Twitter Account

While President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney advanced into the political ring last night for the first of three presidential debates, some of the biggest blows did not come from the politicians themselves but from an accidental tweet sent by @Kitchenaid about Obama’s grandmother. During last night’s debate, Obama told a story about his grandmother raising him and being able to live a full and independent life because of her access to social security and medicare.  Following this story, a KitchenAidUSA employee tweeted:

Though the tweet was quickly taken down from the page and a public apology was made from KitchenAid’s Director of Marketing, the 140 characters had already been retweeted across the web and incited a range of responses from viewers, shifting the debate temporarily away from the candidates.

But the real winner of last night’s debate was Twitter reaching it’s own milestone — it was the most tweeted about political event in history. With the debates being live streamed through YouTube, Twitter followers are able to provide their own quick and insightful commentary in real time without leaving their computers; last night’s highlights included Kitchenaid’s mistake, Romney’s threats to cut PBS support and Obama’s unprepared responses.