Online Filmmaking Duo’s ‘Dream Music’ is ‘Visually Astounding’ [VIDEO]

Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams, two filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area who work under the name Permagrin Films, have caught the attention of Hollywood celebrity Ashton Kutcher and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak with their highly surreal and, in Wozniak’s words, “visually astounding” time-lapse pieces on YouTube and Vimeo. They’ve already gained praise for their first video, “Dream Music: Part 1,” but its longer 8-minute sequel “Dream Music: Part 2” cements their role as cinematic geniuses.



Donahue and Williams were inspired to make another time-lapse music video after Kutcher praised the duo on their first YouTube clip. The second video, like their first one, follows a man lip-syncing songs in various places throughout Northern California and Las Vegas. This technique is what Donahue and Williams call “lyric-lapsing,” which they say in their description of the video achieves “the surrealistic feeling of movement.” Filming took place over the course of six months, with about six to eight hours of work for each three seconds of footage.

Since its upload on YouTube last August, the video has garnered nearly two million views. The video is visually impressive and serves as a fitting example of how filmmaking has truly flourished in the digital age. Without the help of online video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, Donahue and Williams would not have attracted the immediate attention of Kutcher and Wozniak. And after watching this beautiful video, I, too, predict a bright future for this filmmaker duo.

Check part 2 out below and tell us what you think.