Peter Gabriel Crowdsources ‘Sledgehammer’ Video in Facebook Contest

Peter Gabriel wants to give you a boombox so you’ll like him. If the only phrase you recognized in that previous sentence is “like,” congratulations, you are completely of the Facebook generation. For the rest of you, Peter Gabriel wants to give you a boombox so you’ll like him.

The “Sledgehammer” singer is promoting the 25th anniversary of his classic “So” album with a crowdsourcing contest involving the video of his most popular song. Breaking down “Sledgehammer” into roughly 10 second increments, Gabriel is hoping that Facebook users will upload their own versions of the video, which still holds the record for MTV’s “Most Played” of all time (and at this rate, forever will). Fans will then vote for the best crowd sourced clip, and Gabriel will bestow the winner with a TDK performance wireless boombox. Nine “runners up” will receive a Peter Gabriel poster — pretty steep dropoff if you ask me.The contest, which is run through Gabriel’s Facebook page and seems to be suspiciously short on rules or deadlines, will presumably conclude when all of the clips are spoken for, and someone manages to vote farm their way to the top of the heap.

Similar crowdsourcing efforts have been popular online, such as the fan-created Star Wars films, and it will be interesting to see if Gabriel and his music will resonate with a younger, more tech-centric crowd. While there are still plenty of clips left to choose from, based on what’s been uploaded so far, I’d say “nope.” Those same old yuppies who listened to “Sledgehammer” the first time around are back for a digital dose. Now’s your chance to punish them for “Reaganomics.”


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