Pixar Releases Viral ‘Monsters University’ Site, Puts Real College To Shame

A quote from MU Biology Chair Dr. Travis Musin on his new book about hand physiology:

“While it is important to note that the data is not yet conclusive, new research findings seem to make the case that no two monster hands are alike. Sometimes, of course, the differences are obvious — but the small details tell a fascinating tale.”

I know what you are thinking: “What is MU, and did that guy just talk about monster hands?” No, those aren’t the ravings of a maniac working at a factious university. The above passage is taken from animation studio Pixar’s very proactive viral marketing campaign for “Monsters University.”

A prequel to 2001’s insanely wonderful “Monsters Incorporated,” “Monsters University” will be set around the college experience of the film’s protagonists Mike and Sully. Of course, Pixar wouldn’t be the best at what they do without an incredibly innovative marketing campaign involving the film’s titular university.

If you had any questions about attending Monsters University, the college’s website monsteruniversity.com will have your answer. At the site, you can read about the latest news in MU sports or show your school spirit with some MU gear (T-shirts come in two and four arm versions).

This is viral marketing done perfectly; where most films leave viral content at a sponsored Twitter feed or pop-up shop-style website, Pixar has invested totally in the world their creations inhabit. Every detail of this website is lovingly rendered to make Monsters University a real and charming place.

This campaign calls back to other viral marketing campaigns like those done for summer blockbusters “Prometheus” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” By completely immersing visitors in this interactive narrative, these filmmakers are able to enhance the audience’s emotional connection to the films.

Check out monstersuniversity.com, and get those tissues ready because you know that “Monsters University” will bring that real emotional shit. Don’t believe me? Obviously you forgot about this:


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