‘Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy’ From Brazil Becomes Viral Sensation

Until recently, Brazilian Rafael Nunes was working as a model. However, his mother told a newspaper that his drug habits caught up with him and he lost his job last year.

Now despite his family trying to help him kick his crack addiction, Nunes, 30, is living on the streets of Curitiba, Brazil. A photo of the blue-eyed former model taken by a tourist that surfaced on Facebook, Imgur and Reddit went viral, prompting the Internet to dub him the “Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy.” Despite his hardships, Nunes has still kept his good looks, which prompted some incredulous comments on Imgur.

One commenter wrote: “Homeless? His hair is nice and clean, even cut. Facial hair is even and shaped. His eyebrows look like they’ve been plucked. ACTOR!”

Another commenter chastised the photographer for not helping Nunes: “Can people stop just photoing hobos and taking care of them they fell through the cracks because no one cares.”

Days after his photo became viral on October 18, a reporter from a Curitiba news show called “Balanca Geral” caught up with him in the early morning hours in a dimly lit street with a bottle of beer in his hand. As Nunes stumbles around before talking to him, the reporter says: “Here in the center of Curitiba we meet this former model turned homeless man using drugs. He is walking to this location, drinking beer and also, clearly under the influence of drugs.”

Nunes alludes to his drug problems in an interview rife with incoherent speech and random outbursts as translated by The Huffington Post: “Selling it, disgraced, laundering the money, disgraced. It’s killing my dad. It’s killing my mother, killing my brother.”

The video was uploaded on YouTube the next day and got more than 600,000 views. Since then, Nunes’ family has sent him to a rehab facility in Sao Paulo according to Globo.com. Nunes has captured the attention of the Internet not only for his handsome looks, but for his spectacular fall from grace. Here’s hoping for a positive end to this unusual saga.


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