‘Riding Shotgun With Zach Anner’ Series Premiere Hints At A Hell Of A Trip

I’ve taken a fair amount of heat over my years because I treat the disabled exactly how I treat most everyone else: horribly. I don’t do that obnoxious thing where I speak in a slow soothing voice to them as if they are nervous foreigners, and for some reason, a lot of not-disabled people don’t like that. I think, amongst other things, the documentary “Murderball” showed the disabled are capable of perfectly normal and perverted personalities — my kind of personalities. So I wasn’t going to let Zach Anner off the hook just because he has cerebral palsy. In fact, when I first heard about “the Internet” voting Zach up Oprah’s contest ladder, I rolled my eyes slightly; I still refuse to believe it was the “triumph of the human spirit” that initially got all those votes for Zach, as opposed to the “wiseass Internet being wiseasses and fucking with ‘the institution.’” I still wonder if they will turn against the show if it gets “too mainstream”? But that is an article for a different era, as Zach and his crew have shown that this is definitely their time in the sun.

For the uninitiated, the premise of “Riding Shotgun…” is simple and better explained by show co-creator, Zach Anner: “We were talking about the possibility of doing a travel show where we just left the power up to Reddit. Where we went and everything we did, Redditors would be responsible.” Risky stuff, but Reddit seems to take care of its own.

I’m hoping to high hell that the initial episode is the only one that has the long intro, because while it is funny and perfectly reveals the motley crew of air-humpers and silly folk (my kind of folk) that we will be getting to know, it takes up over a minute of this nearly four-minute show and will get redundant fast.

The first stop on the foursome’s journey to visit America via the kindness of Redditors took the cameras to extreme North America — Montreal. Along the way, viewers are “treated” to a skimming of the truly awful “50 Shades of Grey,” the boys’s arrival to the Great White North … and that’s about it. Okay, so it’s really short. But then, Zach, wearing a Batman mask and speaking in his most Christian Bale affectation, implores us to keep watching and see what happens next. Sir, yes sir. Keep it quick, dirty and funny, and I might just have found my new favorite show on the Internet.


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