‘Ron Swanson’ Teaches Manhood in This Manliest of Manly YouTube Videos … Man

The process of becoming a man is a vital one, particularly if you want to one day touch the boobies. TRUST ME: YOU WANT TO TOUCH THE BOOBIES. How do you become a man? Well, I could tell you … or, I could let the manliest man on the planet, Ron Swanson, show you.

Swanson’s alter ego, Nick Offerman (some might say it is the other way around, but not me) has just uploaded the most valuable man-making video on the planet, and I’ll be damned if you don’t get three or four chest hairs just learning about its very existence. YouTube has gifted you today … although real men don’t give gifts. So sit back in a good recliner (a real man would have a recliner in his office; your argument is invalid), pull a good steak and get to doin’ some manning up.


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