Sarcasm Robot Presents: ‘Law School Husslin 3’ Isn’t The Worst YouTube Rap Video Ever

This morning as I was looking for a new mattress in the trash, I stumbled across a small robot with the words “sarcasm robot v1.0” etched into its body. In this robot’s metal claw was a note that simply read, “Feed me videos.” This was divine providence if there ever were any. Here at NMR, we only have so much time and manpower to cover every great viral video. Now suddenly, I’ve found this robotic helper who will analyze and write about online videos for me; luck is truly on my side.

I’m still not completely sure how Sarcasm Robot v1.0 works, but I figured I would start him off with a viral video that is bound to generate plenty of discussion. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Sarcasm Robot v1.0 and his analysis of the music video “Law School Husslin 3.” Take it away, my metal friend.

Sarcasm Robot initializing …

“Law School Husslin 3” is the work of a total genius. This law school graduate truly personifies what is great about the United States. Not to mention this young man’s LiveStrong bracelet and wristwatch of the same color make him look completely in touch with modern fashion trends and not like a complete dick-hole. The beautiful young women in this music video are most certainly there of their own accord. That vacant look in their eyes is actually an editing trick; they aren’t dead inside after years of failing to become professional actresses.

Mike Lickver, the rapper in the video, most certainly is a well-loved man with more friends than he knows what to do with. Well done, sir; now we know that artistic expression did not actually hit its peak during the Renaissance. You don’t make Sarcasm Robot v1.0 curse his creator for bringing him into this world. Buying Facebook IPO is a genuinely good idea.

Sarcasm overload … shutting down … beep boop beep beep.


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