See It Before It’s Cool: Interview With the Creators of ‘Hipster Disney Princess – The Musical’

The bar has been raised significantly, people! For those of you who think girls wearing glasses is the sexiest look on the planet, now imagine those girls are live-action Disney Princesses who dance and sing and wear shell bras! An overnight sensation in the making, “Hipster Disney Princess – The Musical” is the latest offering from the folks at AVbyte.

The YouTube video gives us an insight into the behind-the-scenes secret hipster lives of Ariel, Belle, Snow White, and…I don’t know…some sort of Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty hybrid…it’s been awhile since I did the Disney circuit.



AVbyte, the brainchild of two transplanted European brothers with a knack for editing and composing, vows to put out new videos every week, making it one of the better channels to subscribe to (I did). Now living in New York, the brothers have a seemingly ceaseless pool of attractive actors from which to draw and craft their fantastical everything’s-a-song vision. In keeping with NMR’s commitment to getting the story beyond the story, I got to interview Vijay and Antonius over Skype about all things Disney (and not so Disney).

For added interaction, take a shot every time I rock around in my chair, look fat, or laugh awkwardly.


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