‘Simpsons’ Animator Skewers GOP With ‘Why Obama Now’ Video

Lucas Gray may be known for being an animator for hit FOX series like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” but it’s his animated interpretation of one of President Obama’s speeches that is giving him buzz on YouTube.



Gray worked on “Why Obama Now” over the course of four months with some assistance from his friends. A few days after its October release, “Why Obama Now” has shot up to more than a million views on YouTube. The four-minute video breaks down Obama’s speech on economic equality and criticizes the trickle-down economics touted by the Republicans, especially from presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In an email interview with NMR, Gray said that the message of the video is to show a clear difference between Obama’s economic plan and what has been done under former President George W. Bush and the current Republican Party.

Gray told NMR:

“If you look at the numbers, the current Republican position does not really serve the vast majority of the nation. Obama is the better choice.”

Gray said his inspiration for this video comes from his love of graphs. For him, animation is perfect for making interactive graphs and political statements like “Why Obama Now.”

Gray added:

“I think these issues do matter and that they need to be more clearly illustrated so people can see how political decisions impact their lives.”

Add his passion for politics and the president’s re-election, and you’ve got one fascinating interactive video that could very well inspire Obama supporters and undecided voters alike.

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