Start Your Day With The Truly Wonderful Vimeo Short ‘Everything is Incredible’

For any plugged-in internet user, working your way across the vast fields of the Web is an equally joyful and enraging experience. Videos and articles that inspire you can just as easily be replaced by something hopelessly ignorant or tasteless with a few clicks of a mouse. However, for every flame war and troll there are also beautiful examples of artistry that may never have found ground outside of the Internet.

“Everything is Incredible” is one such example. The 1–minute Vimeo documentary follows a Honduran man as he struggles to finish a project he has worked on for over 50 years — building a helicopter out of scrap parts. Filmmakers Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen portray the determination of the helicopter’s architect, Agustin, as members of his community praise and pity him.

In just 10 minutes, “Everything is Incredible” captures the battle between chasing an impossible dream and the fear of failing. The entire documentary bursts with hopeful optimism even as desperation seems to invade every corner of Agustin’s quiet workshop.

“Everything is Incredible” currently has an Indiegogo campaign going to help Agustin complete his lifelong project in addition to helping with the funds needed to create a feature length documentary. Check out the documentary below and donate to the Indiegogo campaign here.


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