Submit Your Best GIFs to be Featured in ‘Moving the Still: A GIF Festival’

Largely ignored by museums and art history professors, animated GIFs have enthralled bored office workers and meme generators alike. If it wasn’t for GIFs, how would we ever find the presidential debates or kittens so funny?

Now the snobby traditional art exhibitors are taking GIFs seriously. Possibly in celebration of the GIF’s 25th anniversary, Tumblr and art shopping website Paddle8 are looking for a few good GIFs to take part in its physical exhibition titled “Moving The Still: A GIF Festival” December 6-9 at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Creators should submit all their best GIFs to the “Moving The Still” Tumblr page, fill out the submission form and cross their fingers that their submissions will be picked to be a part of the exhibit. Remember, the deadline for submissions in November 7, and winners will be notified on November 28. Art Basel Miami Beach’s embrace of GIFs is yet another effort by an art institution to look toward internet culture for exhibits. In August, the Minneapolis museum Walker Art Center hosted the first International Cat Video Film Festival to much success. Like Art Basel Miami Beach’s crowd-sourcing efforts, they also asked submissions from the general public, and Walker Art Center program associate Katie Czarniecki Hill told NMR last July that events like this could be a sign that “people are wanting to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds.”

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