‘The Onion Talks’ Set To Piss All Over ‘TED’ For Your Amusement

In what might just be the best news I’ve heard since finding out that the spider eating my brain was infertile, The Onion is set to take on TED.

If neither of those words make sense to you in that context, you are living what even Muslim women would consider to be a sheltered life. “The Onion Talks,” the new series from humor news site The Onion, should easily overtake sliced bread as the most exciting development of the past thousand years. Fuck vaccinations, get you some Onion Talks.

The series, which premieres Oct. 17 on YouTube, is set to poke fun at the self-serious and pontificating TED conference, a yearly summit in which the hoi polloi of the Earth gets together to swap blowjob stories and make the planet a little better (but in a preachy Al Gore sort of way).

Granted, the Onion has come up a little short before, with their embarrassingly behind-the-times movie and some other shit not worth talking about, but this time I’m feeling like we got a winner. Of course, I also said that about Jerry Sandusky’s acquittal chances, so don’t take me to Vegas just yet….



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