‘Thriller’ Prisoners Are Viral Again With ‘Gangnam Style’

Do you remember how sad it was the first time you heard a grandparent say “fo shizzle”? Or when you realized that Brett Favre stayed in the NFL just a little too long? Well, this new video from those Thriller-dancing Filipino prisoners gives me that same icky feeling.

Seizing onto the completely novel concept of doing a “Gangnam Style” reenactment video, the prisoners, who first found enormous internet fame dancing to Michael Jackson’s ode to the undead, have tried desperately to recapture that original flavor. But that desperation is beginning to reek, and it’s taking PSY down with it. This is the first time I have watched a “Gangnam Style” video (and as a new media writer, I have watched an awful lot of them) and found myself bored.

While I applaud these jailbirds for finding participating in an activity that isn’t shivving, I feel like after sitting through their renditions of the Macarena, “Thriller,” “Footloose,” and now this, we’re all just going through the motions. But I am notoriously cantankerous, so if you just can’t get off that Filipino prisoner-train (and by God, there is no reason you should have to), then by all means, enjoy the hell out of this hot new release.

Also, for all the commenters out there who say they’d love to be in this co-ed prison, I assure you, those aren’t girls.

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