Tumblr Announces Live GIF Animations of Presidential Debates

And the presidential debates are off with a rainbow cat and unicorn in tow!

YouTube announced this week that they would be partnering with ABC to provide live streaming of the presidential debates, and Tumblr is now throwing their hat into the ring as well.

To keep up with their online brothers, Tumblr has announced that they will be setting aside a team of GIF artists to create instant animations of the upcoming presidential debates. Starting Wednesday at 9pm EST, right as the debate takes off, the GIF team will be creating minute-by-minute animations to be shared, added to and enjoyed. The main players of the team will be Toperchris, Bobby Finger, Lacey Micallef and Mr. GIF. Alongside the GIF-creating team will be Tumblr Election blog guest editor Adam Gabbat, whose live blog at the Guardian will provide further insight into each GIF picture.

With their animated contribution, Tumblr hopes to provide viewers with a light and humorous take on the debates. Each GIF will be uploaded onto GIFwich, upon which viewers can share and repost their favorites. Pledging to capture every awkward silence, unappealing hand gesture and perplexing facial expression, there is no doubt our country’s most anticipated debates will include rainbows and animated animals cheering on in the background.

Below is a schedule of the presidential debates that will each be covered by a YouTube live stream and GIF animation.

Wednesday, October 3 – Presidential debate on domestic policy

Thursday, October 11 – Vice-presidential debate on foreign and domestic policy

Tuesday, October 16 – Presidential town meeting on foreign and domestic policy

Monday, October 22 – Presidential debate on foreign policy

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