UPDATE: Tumblr Is Down Because Of Network Problems — God Help Us All

Update: Crisis averted. Tumblr seems to be working again. Time to party!

Tumblr is down. Stay calm, don’t panic and don’t think about all the memes and substandard advice you’re missing out on right now. No, it’s just not possible, how am I to go on without blogging about whatever injustice has currently hitched itself onto Tumblr’s bandwagon? I just can’t do it.

Tumblr has been experiencing server errors all morning prompting this declaration of sorrow:

At 8:34 ET Tumblr posted on Twitter that “We’re experiencing slow loading or intermittent erros on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance.”

Image via Mashable

Later in the morning, Tumblr posted again that they are having network problems with their uplink provider.

At this moment, the micro-blogging site is still down. We will keep you updated as this nightmare unfolds. The coldest winter has finally arrived.

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