Tumblr of the Moment: I(kea) Got 99 Problems And A B*tch Ain’t One [GALLERY]

Saudi Arabian women have it a lot worse than other women in many other countries. They have to cover up, they can’t drive, they can’t go out in public without another male relative and they most certainly can’t be featured in an IKEA catalog. IKEA’s decision to Photoshop women out of the Saudi Arabian catalogs brought worldwide criticism for giving in to Saudi values that don’t conform to gender equality. IKEA responded by apologizing for the error.

Now a Tumblr dedicated to the IKEA fiasco has sprung up. The blog titled “I(kea) Got 99 Problems And A B*tch Ain’t One” pokes fun at the airbrushing of women from the catalog by posting Photoshopped images of movie poster, music videos and advertisement without women. You know that scene in “Gangnam Style” where PSY is raging in that yoga class? Now he’s getting angry at sofas. In this blog, Tom Ewell isn’t looking up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt in “The Seven Year Itch” — he’s looking at a laundry basket.

Check out these images from the “I(kea) Got 99 Problems And A B*tch Ain’t One” and tell us what you think below.


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