Tumblr’s ‘Dog Shaming’: A Pet Owner’s Form of Brutal Justice

With those big brown eyes looking up at you, it becomes almost impossible to put your dog in time-out — even after their destructive spell around the house. But for every pet owner who has found a “special surprise” in their backpack or discovered all their shoelaces stolen, there is a new way to get a little justice without the guilt.



Tumblr’s newest trend, “dog shaming,” requires only two things: an innocent looking pup and a handwritten sign confessing their most recent debacle. Caught stealing and breaking all sorts of things, this beagle Maymo is shamed for his poor behavior, sitting next to a sign to acknowledges his wrongdoings. While the “shaming” won’t magically repair your favorite pair of boots that have been torn to bits or save your dinner guests from being tackled at the front door, each pup’s personal confession will make it a little easier for you to accept their apology.

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