Tumblr’s Free iPhone Photoset App: Tell Stories with Your Photos

If you’ve got a visual story to tell, and Instagram isn’t cutting it, Tumblr has a solution for you.

In an already crowded photo app market, Tumblr released its very own free photo app Thursday for the iPhone and the iPad called Photoset, which is an already popular function on the blogging site. The name says it all — instead of sharing just one photo, you can make entire photo sets and then share them with your friends and followers.

Introducing the app, Tumblr said in its blog post: “Photosets have been one of our favorite additions to Tumblr. You’ve surprised us a thousand times over with your creativity. It’s hard to imagine Tumblr without photos, and we love the power a set of photos has to tell a story.”

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s easy to use. You can choose your photos from your library, alter the layout and add a caption. When finished with the layout, you can upload the high-resolution photos straight to your Tumblr site. If you don’t have a Tumblr, you can still share the collage through Twitter or by email.

Would this be something you’d download? Let us know below.

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