Twitter Developing Its Own Video-Hosting Service?

Twitter is considering creating video-hosting capabilities so that its users can upload their videos directly to the site, according to All Things Digital. This means that Twitter users will no longer need to use third-party applications such as TwitVid and yFrog. If Twitter goes through with creating their own video-hosting technology, third-party video applications could be hurt since the company, until recently, has given these applications responsibilities over photos, short links and videos on the site.

However, while online video creators may have another avenue to promote their content, they shouldn’t expect Twitter to become a serious competitor in the online video business. The report also states that the company expects the bulk of videos on Twitter to come from established sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Twitter’s possible entry into online video signals its shift from microblogging site to multimedia-friendly platform. It has been working on this transformation in recent months by hosting its own features in-house. With the addition of its own photo service, article previews and other cosmetic changes, the company is reworking itself as a social media destination that will seriously compete with Facebook and YouTube.

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