Twitter to Debut Its Own Original Video Programming ‘EpicEDM’

Earlier this month, NMR discussed how Twitter might start its own video-hosting service as part of its makeover as a multimedia-friendly platform. Plans to host videos came after Twitter introduced website changes like header photos, which are similar to Facebook’s video cover.

Video-hosting on Twitter will soon become a reality. Not only will Twitter host videos, but the microblogging platform is taking a page from the YouTube playbook and introducing its first original programming starting later this year. The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday that Believe Entertainment Group will launch the electronic dance music video show EpicEDM exclusively on Twitter. The show will feature weekly in-studio news, interviews and video blogging before and after concerts.

In a press release, Believe Entertainment Group co-founder William Masterson III said: “We’re building where the EDM community and DJs already intersect to amplify what’s happening. The goal is to create a unifying platform for the artists, fans and everyone involved in the EDM explosion that serves as a dedicated place to share the best things happening anywhere, at any given time in the EDM world.”

The upcoming debut of EpicEDM could be a game changer in the online video industry, as Twitter is trying to connect its successful microblogging format to in-house digital video. This could be an integral part of making Twitter a fuller social media destination to compete with Facebook and YouTube. However, while Twitter is clearly trying to target the YouTube and Vimeo audience with the debut of EpicEDM, it will take some time to know whether their multimedia transformation will be a success or not.

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