Viral ‘Hurricane Sandy Guards’ Picture on Twitter is Patriotic … But a Hoax

So it seems the “hero shot” of three unnamed infantrymen standing vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier all through the pounding weather of Hurricane Sandy, is yet another in a long line of Twitter hoaxes.

The Old Guard infantry unit charged with keeping watch over the tomb confirmed today via Twitter that the photo, while real, was actually taken during a light rainstorm back in September. The photographer responsible for the shot, Karen Markert, also confirmed on her Facebook page that the photo was not taken during Hurricane Sandy and added, “I am just so very proud of these soldiers and the mission that they fulfill every day.”

The photo rocketed across the Twitterverse yesterday as an enduring image of our soldiers and the brave, thankless work they do in the service of our country. While it doesn’t apply to the current hurricane situation, the photo does speak volumes about our national pride, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

The guard photo wasn’t the only hoax to go viral yesterday in the onslaught of the East Coast storm. Others, including a photo of the Statue of Liberty being overtaken by waves, and a far less realistic-looking rendering of “Sandy” from “Grease” attacking the the Atlantic seaboard also made the rounds.

It seems that national disasters bring out the creativity in America; if only the same could be said for economic uncertainty.

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