Watch This: Cancer Drink Puts People Through Insane 007-Themed Gauntlet

The following video really put me in a tough spot. On the one hand, I detest corporate marketing on every level. On the other hand, James Bond just might be my favorite person both fictional and nonfictional. Joining hands in a truly unholy union, Coke Zero and the folks behind the latest Bond film “Skyfall” have teamed up to create the below viral hit.

It slays me that the suits over at Coke have put together such an innovative marketing scheme. What really gets me though is that they dragged my man Bond into the mix. Couldn’t you leave well enough alone, Coke? Why must you molest everything I hold dear? Well, at least Captain America and The Avengers were never stuck shilling for some corporate sugar peddlers.



God damnit.

Well, at least I can take solace in the fact that James Bond would never actually drink Coke Zero. That shit is gross.



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