Watch This: Incredible Japanese Juggler’s Performance Goes Viral

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Akihiro Yanai. You may have never heard of the last name before, but Akihiro Yanai is the best in his sport, and that sport is juggling his balls. He’s so good at moving spherical orbs around his body that it puts Jareth the Goblin King to shame.

At the 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival, Akihiro stole the show with his remarkable ability to keep his balls from dropping, all whilst rolling them around on almost every limb. When searching for more videos of this talented ball-wielding man, I was shocked to find that there is almost no other information out there. Nevertheless, I assume we’ll be seeing a lot more of Akihiro and his balltastic juggling antics in the near future. Until then, enjoy his gravity defying performance:


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