Watch This: Last Second Football ‘Fumble’ Will Earn Kid Ass-beatings For Life

Every so often, and increasingly more now with YouTube, you get to witness a moment where you say, “That person is going to be dealing with that in therapy for the rest of their life.” Crapping your pants in public, movie theater shootings, and 5th grade football games where one kid intercepts a pass and spikes it thinking the game is over, only to have the other team pick up the “fumble” and run it in for the game-winning touchdown are all just such examples of this moment.

What makes this football moment such a bummer is that the kid was riding such a “high” by picking off the pass for what he thought was the game-ending interception. When I see moments like this, I frequently make up backstories to heighten the visuals. In this instance, the kid is Danny Warren, a sort of Rudy-like figure, who got to play in the last play of the game, in the last game of the season. And for that one glorious moment, little Danny was a hero. But now he’s going to be hated by his community, drop out of school in 8th grade, briefly make good as an investment banker, but ultimately be found unmarried and dead, hanging from a doorway in an auto-erotic asphyxiation thing gone wrong. And it will all be because the video of one busted play showed up on the Internet. Ahh, YouTube.