Watch This Now: Baby Elephant’s Dramatic Rescue From A Kenyan Well

African elephants may be the largest living land animals on Earth today, but even they get stuck in holes sometimes.

In this five-minute heartwarming video on YouTube from the Amboseli Trust For Elephants at Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, a small crew works to free an 8-month old baby elephant from a well built by the local Masai tribe. The crew attached a rope to the Land Rover as a means of setting the elephant out of the well, but the water’s so deep that they can’t get the rope low enough. But after a prolonged struggle in getting the rope around the elephant and reversing the vehicle, the crew frees the baby elephant and she runs to reunite with her mother.

It’s fitting that Coldplay’s “Paradise” plays at the climactic scene of the rescue video considering that the music video depicts a human in an elephant costume escaping from a zoo and reuniting with his family in the savannah.

Watch the rescue effort in this YouTube clip:


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