Watch This Now: Batman Freaks Out Over Terrible Apple Maps In iPhone 5 Parody

Even Batman needs directions once in a while, but don’t try to recommend Apple Maps as one of his superhero tools. Like many before him, the caped crusader is just as confused and frustrated as to why Apple ditched Google for its universally-panned Maps app that has difficulty giving proper directions.

In a parody YouTube ad of “The Dark Knight” and the new iPhone 5 made by the Movie Trailers YouTube channel, the app take Christian Bale’s character clumsily around Gotham City after the Joker tells him where he can find his childhood friend Rachel. Along the way, he crashes his motorcycle into parked cars and drives through a mall, causing explosions as he tries to get to Avenue X to save her. After going through a wild goose-chase and some weird detours, Batman ends up in the wrong location. Bummer.

See how Batman tries his hand at Apple Maps by watching this funny clip below:

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