Watch this: ‘Gangnam Style’ Prankster Ruins News Reporter’s Hurricane Coverage

The commonly accepted cycle of a trend is that it starts out, grassroots-style, amongst the “tastemakers” on the streets. It then gets adopted by celebrities recognized for being “cool.” They make the trend mainstream, and from there it trickles down to the general populace and finally fizzles a slow, hard death back on the streets from whence it came. “Gangnam Style,” as a trend, though correctly reported as “dead,” is now in the “Tupac phase” of its life. Technically, this is a good thing, as it proves “Gangnam Style’s” worth as a resonant piece of pop culture. In the “Tupac phase,” you will see “signs of life” where you shouldn’t, and the more gullible of our herd will maintain that “Gangnam Style” is still alive and living in a cave with Elvis.

Take this video for instance: Just standard footage of a news reporter talking against the backdrop of Hurricane Sandy. But if you look close, you might just see the ghost of “Gangnam Style” still doing its thing. Spooky.

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