Watch This Now: Macklemore & Lewis’ ‘Same Love’ Hip Hop Video Supporting Gay Marriage

Hip hop isn’t known as a genre that’s traditionally LGBT-friendly, but with some recent big rapper support and Frank Ocean coming out as gay this summer, it’s following the trend towards equality. Seattle-based rapper Macklemore and his musical partner Ryan Lewis take that one step further by going out in favor of same-sex marriage in their latest video “Same Love” featuring singer Mary Lambert. The viral video, which is directed by Lewis and Jon Jon Augustavo, is pushing towards 2 million views.

Macklemore and Lewis’ beautifully crafted video tells a story of a gay couple falling in love starting from their life in the suburbs to getting married and watching them go through old age. Throughout the video, Macklemore raps touching lyrics like: “No law’s gonna change us/We have to change us/Whatever god you believe in/We come from the same one/Strip away the fear/Underneath it’s all the same love/About time that we raised up.”

The YouTube video’s description states the artists’ support for marriage equality and could well be the campaign song for the Washington state initiative legalizing it: “We support civil rights, and hope WA State voters will APPROVE REF 74 and legalize marriage equality.” Besides Washington, the states of Maine, Maryland and Minnesota will vote on same-sex marriage initiatives this November.

Get your box of tissues ready and check out the video below:



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